Strength in Partnership

From investment to exit, GreyLion is by your side. We work together with leadership teams to help companies thrive while maintaining agility and growth.

Our Strategy

GreyLion’s investment strategy is based on the collective 80 years of experience of the senior team. Our goal is to find quality investment opportunities where we partner with the business owners and management teams of lower middle market companies, primarily in the United States. We target equity investments between $25 million and $100 million. We will consider both minority and control investments in a variety of structures, including growth capital, recapitalizations and management-led buyouts.

We seek to invest in businesses that have strong and differentiated competitive positions in their respective industries that with the leadership of strong management teams, offer the potential for significant continued growth.

We believe we are differentiated by:

  1. Our strong desire to identify owners and management teams that are looking for a business partner who shares their vision for value creation
  2. Value creation through organic or acquisition based growth and not through financial engineering
  3. Conservative capital structures that do not use excess leverage and introduce unnecessary financial risk
  4. Willingness to invest in either minority or control situations
  5. Flexible structures that address the objectives and visions of the business owners and management teams

Industry Expertise

At GreyLion, we leverage our industry relationships and years of specific industry knowledge to work with you in partnership to help make better decisions.

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Types of Investments

GreyLion invests in companies in the consumer, industrial, software & services industries with the strongest potential for growth.

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PWP Growth Equity brings significant value to Western Windows Systems, including their impressive track record of success with businesses in the building products and service sectors. We look forward to partnering with their team as we continue to pursue aggressive growth opportunities and further serve our customers.”

Scott Gates

Western Windows Systems

This year turns ten years old and we are extremely excited about this new chapter, “said Dan Graham, CEO and co-founder of “This investment will allow us to be more growth focused than ever before and will give us an edge in the competitive landscape as we move forward. ”

Dan Graham


For more than 20 years, Hyphen has been a leading provider of supply chain management software to our homebuilder, distributor, manufacturer, and supplier clients. As we look to the future, we are excited to be partnering with PWP Growth Equity, a team that has a successful track record and significant experience helping companies drive growth. Their investment is a testament to our growth potential, and it will allow us to expand and accelerate our leadership in the space.”

Felix Vasquez

Hyphen Solutions

This is an exciting opportunity for us to build a robust national footprint and share our brand with so many more customers. Our plan is to nurture this investment by focusing on smart, steady growth. That philosophy remains unchanged even as we eye national expansion. PWP Growth Equity understands and shares that vision and we’re thrilled to partner with them.”

Bruce Dean

Black Bear Diner

The entire MSA Security team is pleased to partner with PWP Growth Equity. We have gotten to know the PWP team over the last few months, and we look forward to working with them to continue to grow and expand our services for our world-class clients.”

Michael O’Neil

MSA Security

Our Approach

We partner with strong management teams in businesses that have differentiated, competitive positions in their respective sectors. Our team has over 80 years of investment experience in a variety of minority and control transactions through numerous market cycles.

We pursue partnerships with business owners and management teams in companies that exhibit the following key characteristics:

  1. Large addressable markets
  2. Compelling margins and cash flow conversion
  3. Differentiated products or services
  4. Strong growth prospects
  5. Ability to achieve and sustain a distinctive competitive position

Portfolio Company Interaction

Our team works closely with business owners and management teams to fully develop a growth plan that reflects a shared vision. We provide portfolio companies with the capital and ongoing support necessary to realize their full potential.

  • Product or service development or enhancement
  • Geographic expansion
  • Market share growth
  • Operational/cost improvements
  • Acquisitions
  • Financing
  • Constructing a Board of Directors that can serve as a sounding board and resource to management
  • Recruiting additional management talent
  • Developing incentive equity structures that align objectives of key management
  • Systems implementation

Approach to Realizations

Our team works closely with management throughout our partnership to build value. We work hard to balance the needs of all the stakeholders and have historically shown tremendous flexibility both with the timing of a liquidity event and the structure of that transaction.

In the 60 companies the senior team have been involved with investing in, exit alternatives have been varied depending on what is ideal for the situation – we have exited through IPO, strategic sale, sale to another financial sponsor, or a management-led debt recapitalization.